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On-premise signage advertising

1st Party Signage Registration: These are applications for on-premise signages for companies, business owners and shops. Permit fees are charged using parameters such as type of sign, size and location.

On-premise signage advertising remains a stalwart in the marketing landscape, leveraging physical locations to captivate audiences. These static or digital displays strategically placed at business premises wield a unique power, offering immediate visibility to passersby. Whether through eye-catching graphics, compelling messages, or dynamic digital content, on-premise signage serves as a silent yet impactful brand ambassador. It fosters brand recognition, communicates promotions, and guides potential customers to the doorstep. In an age inundated with digital marketing, on-premise signage stands tall, connecting with the local community and establishing a tangible presence that transcends the virtual realm, making it an enduring and effective advertising medium.

This category applies only to registered outdoor advertising companies to deploy permanent structures. The roadside outdoor billboards range from LED Screens, Unipole, Overhead Gantries, Rooftops, Iconic Billboards, 48-Sheet, 96-Sheets, Water Tanks, Wall Panels and Wall Drapes.

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Products under this category are Street-Furniture, Temporary Wall Drapes, Special Builds, Bus Shelters, Police Posts, Blimps, Inflatables, Water Signs, Kiosks and Roundabout Branding. These applications range from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly.

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This are advertising such as banners, Parasols, road shows, branded shirts, activations, flag signs, feather signs and Gazebo. Such applications are carried out for short periods, per daily, week and month.

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This category of advertising falls under the 3rd party application for registered outdoor practitioners in Lagos State. This product has options such as of static banners, light box and digital screens.

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Permit No  –  Company Name  –  Status
ATK10004501   Builder Construction Ltd                    Approved
ATK656666J   Berglunds snabbkop                          Approved
ATK6666699   Island Trading                                     Approved
ATK7855500   Koniglich Essen                                   Approved
ATK54300111    Laughing Bacchus Winecellars      Approved
ATK789000032   Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti        Approved
ATK00011177   North/South                                          Approved
ATK65555110   Specialites                                           Approved
ATK6555888    Specialites