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Our Services Includes

Policy Development

 Formulating policies and regulations governing the use of signage and advertising in public spaces, including guidelines on size, location, design, and content.

Permitting and Licensing

Issuing permits and licenses for the installation of signage and advertising structures, ensuring compliance with zoning regulations, building codes, and aesthetic standards.


Monitoring compliance with signage and advertising regulations, conducting inspections, and taking enforcement actions against violations, such as unauthorized signage, illegal advertising, or non-compliant content.

Review and Approval

Reviewing proposed signage and advertising projects to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and are in harmony with the surrounding environment. This may involve assessing visual impact, safety considerations, and adherence to community standards.

Public Consultation

Facilitating public input and participation in the development of signage and advertising policies, as well as soliciting feedback on proposed projects that may impact public spaces or communities.

Conflict Resolution

Resolving disputes and conflicts related to signage and advertising, including issues such as visual clutter, aesthetic objections, or conflicts between advertisers and local residents or businesses.

Educational Outreach

Providing educational resources and outreach programs to inform stakeholders, including businesses, advertisers, and the public, about signage and advertising regulations, best practices, and compliance requirements

Monitoring Advertising Content

Monitoring the content of advertising messages to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to decency, truthfulness, consumer protection, and public morality.

Environmental Considerations

Assessing the environmental impact of signage and advertising activities, including potential visual pollution, energy consumption, and sustainability practices.


Collaborating with other government agencies, local authorities, community groups, and stakeholders to develop holistic approaches to signage and advertising management that consider broader urban planning, economic development, and public welfare goals.

Our Operations

Permit Application

We facilitate the permitting process for outdoor advertising and signage, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Compliance Inspection

Our team conducts regular inspections to guarantee that existing signage adheres to safety and aesthetic standards.

Educational Resources

We offer guidance and resources to help businesses and individuals understand the regulations, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Reporting and Compliance

If you come across billboards and signage that appears non-compliant, our online reporting system allows you to notify us for prompt action.